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Monday, July 17, 2017

Boosting Regional Economic Power

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Brockton wants to share economic development officer and plans with its neighbours.

If Brockton can't afford an Economic Development Officer - then perhaps it could share one.

That’s one of the possibilities that could result from Brockton Council’s newest initiative.

Brockton is inviting the Municipalities of South Bruce and Arran Elderslie to partner in a shared economic venture.

The Common Economic Development Initiative is a concept that involves the creation of a regional economic development platform.

Deputy Mayor Dan Gieurszak says there is a lot of merit behind this concept which is still in the preliminary and exploratory stage.

He notes Brockton, South Bruce and Arran Elderslie share a lot of the same challenges such as:
-aging population on fixed income
-loss of former large employers
-school closures
-smaller labour pool etc..

By pooling their resources, Gieruszak believes the three municipalities could identify common projects to work on together and perhaps down the road even share an Economic Development Officer if feasible.

Apart from one another, he says these three rural municipalities have limited financial and human resources to purse and develop economic opportunities.

If they band together, Gieruszak says great things could be accomplished in the area of economic development and growth.

It is Brockton’s hope that South Bruce and Arran Elderslie will be open to working together of these rural challenges to find unique solutions.

He says when it comes to economic development in Bruce County, it is the shoreline that seems to get the biggest focus.

By having the interior municipalities ban together in a common economic initiative, he says it would help raise Brockton’s, South Bruce and Arran Elderslie’s presence in Bruce County.

He says these three agriculturally based communities share a lot in common and it is time to work together to promote economic development opportunities.

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