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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Saugeen Municipal Airport changes name.

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

It is now Hanover Saugeen Airport, causing a stir in neighbouring communities.

The Saugeen Municipal Airport has a new name.

As part of re-branding effort it is now the Hanover Saugeen Airport.

This name change is creating quite a stir in Brockton, as the airport is shared venture between Brockton, Hanover and West Grey.

Brockton Councillor Chris Peabody calls the name change unacceptable.

He points out that Brockton pays the majority share of the airport levy and as such should have had some input into this name change.

Peabody adds that many Brockton residents are upset over the name change and want it changed back to the Saugeen Municipal Airport.

Brockton Mayor David Inglis calls the name change a little concerning, saying it has taken the visibility away from Brockton and West Grey.

Inglis says they will have to work out these issues, adding nothing is cast in stone forever.

Because Hanover holds the license for the airport and is the nearest urban centre, it was determined that the name should be changed to the Hanover Saugeen Airport. 

The airport itself however is located in Brockton not Hanover.

Inglis says he has always felt that the airport budget should be split equally between Brockton, Hanover and West Grey.

With the renaming of the Airport causing such a stir, some on Brockton Council believe it may be time to revisit how the airport costs are shared between Brockton, Hanover and West Grey.

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