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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Marl Lake residents raise concerns in Brockton.

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Issues include the local landfill and safety concerns for kids.

The Marl Lake Property Association is urging Brockton Council to implement a fishing ban on the causeway between Lake Rosalind and Marl Lake.

The curved road which is located at the bottom of hill and lacks sidewalks is a popular fishing spot for non residents including children.

Because both Lake Rosalind and Marl Lake are private lakes, non residents who want to fish do so on the causeway as any other location would be considered trespassing.

Lake Association Spokesperson Ray Hughes is seriously concerned that a child will be hit by a car while fishing on the causeway.

He says this is because the kids often dart back and forth across the road to check their lines as cars travel down the curved road.

A few years ago Brockton banned parking along the causeway due to safety concerns, Hughes says a fishing ban is the next step.

This was not the only concerned brought forth to Council, the Lake Association also voiced concerns over the nearby Hanover Walkerton Landfill.

In particular they are upset with what they call a lack of a promised proper berm.

Hughes notes that during the public hearings over the landfill expansion in 2009, lake residents were promised a proper berm would be put in place to block out the view of the landfill.

Hughes says the small saplings that have since been planted as a berm fall far short of what was promised.

Hughes also raised concerns about an ever increasing seagull population as a result of the landfill 

Concerns over beavers tunnelling under Marl Lake Road 7 and the use of engine breaks were also voiced.

Brockton is going to look into all of the concerns.

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