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Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Vision for Bluewater Park

Wiarton | by John Divinski  

The new vision would make Bluewater Park & Waterfront more a part of Wiarton.

Bluewater Park, Wiarton, Town of South Bruce Peninsula. Bayshore Broadcasting File Photo. 
A new vision idea has been presented to South Bruce Peninsula Council that would make Bluewater Park and the waterfront, more a part of Wiarton.
It's no secret that the abandoned Foodland store near the park is not attractive.
But Parataxis Design and Development spokesperson Andrew Martschenko sees it as an opportunity.
He suggested to council on Tuesday (JUNE 20) that the area, including the Foodland property, could be reconfigured to eventually become an area with shops and boutiques, along with condominiums.
Martschenko says the Foodland property would become public land enclosing perhaps a skating rink, a town square or plaza.
The idea is to build a link between the downtown core and the park.
He says local residents are aware of the connection but tourists are unaware of what is available and as a result, many don't stop in the community.
However, the "political firestorm" is that in order for the change to happen the Bluewater Trailer Camp would have to move.
Martschenko says "37 families (in the trailer park) have the best access to the water you could possibly have at the expense of providing an incredible space for residents to use."
Mayor Janice Jackson agrees with the assessment.
She says any displaced trailers though could be re-located to the north end of the park, currently used by transient campers.
Jackson says any development could also be what seniors are looking for as they downsize.
She says, "I really want to keep our seniors here cause so many of them are selling their homes because they can't look after them anymore and there's really no where for them to go (in Wiarton)."
Council agreed to discuss the issue further at a future meeting with the idea of having public information meetings on such a plan, should it move forward.
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