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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hanover, Walkerton split on garbage.

Regional | by Robyn Garvey  

The two municipalities review their agreement on sharing a landfill.

Hanover is responding to Brockton’s claim that it may be time to renegotiate a better Hanover Walkerton Landfill Agreement. 

Mayor Sue Patterson believes Walkerton residents are getting a very fair deal when it comes to the shared Hanover Walkerton landfill site.

This response after recommendations coming out of a Brockton Municipal Service Review has suggested that perhaps its time for Brockton to negotiate a ‘fairer’ deal with Hanover.

Brockton Mayor David Inglis believes that there are some aspects of the current agreement that are unfair for Brockton.

He points out that even though landfill volume is more of a 60-40 Hanover to Walkerton split, the two municipalities still split operation costs 50-50.

Landfill administrations costs are another area that Brockton would like to revisit.

Inglis says after all these years it is time to review the agreement to see if it is time to update or readjust any areas.

Patterson however believes the current agreement is fair. She adds when it comes to deals Walkerton did very for itself joining Hanover’s landfill in 1981 for the one time cost of 50 thousand dollars.

She says this was an incredible deal for Walkerton, especially considering the fact Hanover had expended many times Walkerton’s one time contribution in the previous years leading up to the 1981 agreement.

And although the volume contribution between the two towns is more of a 60-40 Hanover to Walkerton split, Patterson points out that much of the operational costs are fixed regardless of waste volume such as leachate hauling/disposal, HHW , and drywall/shingles/tires pick up.

She notes that a review of actual landfill costs in 2016 suggest that of the $527,655 in expenses, most, if not all are fixed costs.

Hanover and Walkerton have contributed 180 thousand dollars each to the 2017 landfill budget, of this $243,500 is earmarked for reserves.  

As for suggestion Hanover residents are not pulling their weight when it comes to recycling, Patterson strongly disagrees.

She says while there is always more residents can do, she points out Hanover is very proactive in its recycling efforts.

Not only does Hanover offer a more comprehensive blue box program than Walkerton she says the Town also collected 449.5 tonnes of recyclables from residents, 67 more tonnes that what was collected in Walkerton.

Even so, Brockton hopes to sit down soon with Hanover to go over the current Hanover Walkerton Landfill agreement.

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