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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Phoenix Shine

Barrie | by Bayshore News Staff  

Infinity Gymnastics Challenge


Phoenix Gymnasts Shine at Infinity Gymnastics Challenge in Barrie

43 gymnasts, over 90 medals earned, several top 3 all around finishes, Phoenix Gymnastics located in Springmount, represented this area with pride, determination and stellar performances. Full results below:

Our youngest competitive team members, our 6 yr old ODP athletes showcased their strength, flexibility and determination. Included in this team are Odessa Walters, Piper Carrick, Maeve Kivell, Maddeline Carson, Mischa Savage, Georgia Maluske, Abby Kivell & Estella Harvie.

Our next level of competitive gymnasts, our 7+  ODP level 1 athletes competed strongly and earned the following: Gold Standard earned by Jenna Cranny, Avery Lorentz, Kennedy Prescott & Claire Martin. Silver standard was earned by Avery Seaman & Laila MacVicar. Bronze standard was earned by Alena McMillan.

For our OCP athletes, several came away with medals, top 3 placings and had fantastic showings.

Level 1, age 9; Samantha Brough 1st AA, 1st vault, beam & floor, 2nd bars
Sophie Carrick, 2nd AA, 2nd beam & floor, 3rd vault & bars
Emma Pausner, 3rd AA, 2nd vault, 3rd floor & bars, 4th beam
Ryann Seaman 4th AA, 2nd vault, 3rd beam, 4th bars & floor

Level 2 age 9; Olivia Latham 1st AA, 1st vault, beam, floor, 7th bars
Katie Marshall 2nd AA, 1st bars, 2nd vault & floor, 5th beam
Zoey McMann 5th AA, 2nd vault, 3rd floor, 6th bars, 7th beam

Level 2 , age 10 ; Avery Gill 2nd AA, 1st vault & bars, 2nd beam, 3rd floor

Level 2, age 11; Lily McMann 3rd AA, 1st bars, 3rd beam, floor, 5th vault
Makayla Bastarache 4th AA, 2nd bars, 3rd vault, 5th beam & floor

Level 2, age 12+ ; Grace Hynds 1st AA, 1st vault, bars, 3rd beam, 4th floor

Level 3, Age 10; Brooke MacWilliam 1st AA, beam, floor, vault, 3rd bars
Elyse Hartley 2nd AA, 1st beam, 4th vault & floor
Carylie Rands 4th AA, 2nd vault, 4th bars & beam, 5th floor

Level 3, 11 year olds; Eden McLean 3rd AA, 2nd floor, beam & bars, 6th vault
Abby Ottewell 6th AA, 4th bars, floor, 5th beam & vault

Level 3, 12 yr Olds: Joselynn Wright 4th AA, 1st vault, 2nd bars, 4th beam, 7th floor
Maddeline Mothersell 5th AA, 3rd bars, 6th vault, beam & floor

Level 4, 11 yr olds: Julia McCutcheon 1st AA, 1st bars, 2nd vault, beam & floor
Rachael Urquahrt 2nd AA,1st floor,  2nd bars, 3rd beam, 4th vault

Level 4, 12 yr olds; Meghan Motheresell 5th AA, 3rd beam, 6th bars, vault & floor

Level 4, 13 yr olds: Lauryn Rettinger 2nd AA, 1st vault & floor, 3rd bars, 7th beam
Lauren Lackner 6th AA, 3rd beam, 4th bars, 5th floor, 6th vault

Level 4, 14+; Sierra Dejong 2nd AA, 1st floor, 2nd vault, 3rd beam, 5th bars

Level 5, 13+; Amelia Jensen 1st AA, 1st beam, 3rd floor, 4th bars, 5th vault

Level 6, 12/13 yr olds; 4th AA, 2nd bars, 3rd beam, 4th floor, 5th vault

Level 6, 14+ Bella Casemore, 2nd AA, 1st vault, beam & floor, 3rd bars

Level 7, 14+ Olivia Daniels; 1st AA, 1st vault, bars, beam, 3rd floor

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