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Friday, April 28, 2017

Patrick Brown Slams Balanced Budget

Toronto | by Ian MacLennan  

Ontario PC leader says the numbers are charades and a shell game.

Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown went on the attack today over the Wynne government's balanced budget, calling the numbers in it 'charades,' and said the books were cooked by Chef Sousa, a reference to Finance Minister Charles Sousa.

Brown says a free prescription drug plan for anyone under the age of 25 is not the way to go because he doesn't believe millionaire kids need their drugs paid for.

He says Justin Bieber would have his prescriptions paid for under this plan.

Brown says patients who have rare disorders and need medication are not included.

The PC leader says a means test is needed to make sure the plan is equitable.

As for the first balanced budget in more than a decade,  Brown says it's a shell game,  suggesting it's money that has come from the fire sale of Hydro One,  the double counting of the cap and trade money,  and the Trudeau infrastructure money.

Brown says he wanted a balanced budget but he also wanted to see a long term plan for the provincial debt, and that wasn't in there.

What is also missing from the budget according to Brown, that he asked for, was a moratorium on school closures.

He says the Wynne government is forging ahead with 300 school closures across the province.

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