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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Brockton roof project going ahead.

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Walkerton water treatment plant roof to cost over 750,000 dollars.

Brockton has decided to bite the bullet and move forward with the $730 thousand dollar roof replacement project at its Walkerton Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Brockton had hoped to receive word by now if its application for a 250 thousand dollar infrastructure grant would be approved. 

Director of Operations Collin Saunders says it has become a safety issue and the Municipality can no longer wait and must forge ahead.

He says the municipality must move on the project now to ensure it does not encounter future methane leaks. 

While there have been no methane leaks to date, if the project were to be put off another year it could become an issue. 

The project involves replacing the primary digester roof which captures the methane gas of the treatment plant which is converted into energy.

The municipality was very optimistic that their 250 thousand dollar government grant application would be approved for the project as they say the municipality met all of the criteria.

Unfortunately, Saunders says they have received no word on their grant application and now it is time to move forward .

The new steel roof will include a rubberized membrane to hold the methane gas, work will begin soon and be complete by summer.

Brockton has awarded the project to Walkerton’s own Price-Schnonstrom which came in with the lowest tender at 824 thousand dollars.  

However once Brockton is reimbursed for the HST the actual cost drops to 730 thousand dollars, 30 thousand over budget. 

Brockton is still hopeful it will receive be successful in its 250 thousand dollar grant application to the province.

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