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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

E-Voting comes to Brockton

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Council decides to stick with the new system, despite concerns.

Brockton residents will be casting their votes online and over the phone in the upcoming 2018 municipal election.

In a 4 to 2 decision, Council has accepted the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee to stick with the e-voting system. 

After struggling with the paper versus electronic voting matter yet again in January, Council decided to strike a committee made up of citizens to go over the pros and cons of the various voting systems and make a final recommendation to Council.

Committee Member Barb Kerry who has over 30 years experience working at polling stations says after going over all of the information it was clear that it is time to move to a full E-Voting system.

Fellow Committee Member Hailey Murray agrees saying the benefits far outweigh the risks.

In fact all the Committee members report they are confident in the security of the e-voting system.

Not everyone shares their confidence however, as both Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak and Councillor Chris Oberle voted against the e-voting system.

Gieruszak cites security fears along with financial concerns over what it would cost if there should ever be a need for a recount. He claims a 3rd party audit could cost up to a million dollars or more.

Mayor David Inglis however is pleased Brockton will be sticking with the E-Voting system saying it provide convenience to voters and addresses a lot of accessibility concerns.

But unlike the last two municipal elections, Brockton’s e-voting system will not include the option of a paper ballot. 

Instead three polling stations will be set up in Walkerton, Brant and Greenock. 

However the voting will still be done electronically not by paper ballot.

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