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Monday, March 6, 2017

Brockton Looks for Clear Direction

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Municipal staff want council to make some clear decisions on the future in a strategic plan.

At the request of staff, Brockton councillors are going to spend some time going over the municipality's long term vision.

CAO Deb Roth says staff require clearer direction from council on the future goals of the municipality.

Roth says senior staff have shared their confusion about what council’s vision for Brockton includes and how they should manage their respective departments with regards to planning and budgeting, when no clear direction nor conflicting direction is given by council.

She says to date, councils' focus has remained on limiting services, including human resources where possible and containing costs.

Roth says now is the time for councillors to sit down go over the Strategic Plan (created by the previous council) and determine if it is the course they want Brockton to continue on or if it needs to be enhanced or altered.

Councillor Dean Leifso wholeheartedly agrees, saying council does seem to focus on the day-to-day matters and it's now time to do some long range planning.

He says as municipal representatives, Brockton councillors have a duty to plan for Brockton’s future.

By identifying long term goals, Leifso says council can better address the municipality's future needs and provide staff with a clearer direction.

Now may be an ideal time to do this, as Brockton recently underwent an Operational Review, a Municipal Services Review and an Asset Management Plan.

Those reviews identified Brockton’s future infrastructure needs which will require planning and budgeting.

The Strategic Planning Sessions will also address economic development strategies for Brockton.

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