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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Saugeen Shores supports DGR

Saugeen Shores | by John Divinski  

Council passes motion to back OPG plan near Kincardine.

Saugeen Shores council has voted to support OPG's plans for a Deep Geologic Repository in Kincardine.

Councillor Dave Myette presented the motion on the DGR which would house low and intermediate nuclear waste.

Myette says the community has benefitted from the nuclear waste and "We have a social and moral responsibility to deal with it."

Councillor Cheryl Grace was the lone dissenting vote saying OPG in its latest reports, had several mistakes despite being reviewed and signed off by OPG representatives.

Grace says "If they couldn't catch some errors or omissions of fact, then it raises a big question for me about the overall safety and reliability of the project going forward."

Myette admits there were errors in the initial report that he can't defend but he says what he does read in the OPG submission is the "overwhelming factual information that supports (the DGR)."

Prior to the vote, several delegations spoke against the support including SOS Great Lakes President Jill Taylor, who remains confident the federal environment minister will make the right decision.

Taylor says the minister has also received thousands of letters against the multi-billion-dollar project.

Former Kincardine Mayor Glenn Sutton made a presentation in favour of the DGR.

Sutton says any decision needs to be based on science and the storage of nuclear waste in Kincardine is a perfect example of how a project should be run, based on scientific values.

A letter of support from Saugeen Shores will be on it way to the minister this week to meet the March 6th deadline for input.

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