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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Potential New Fire Agreement

Underwood | by John Divinski  

The current fire agreement between Arran Elderslie and Kincardine runs out the end of March

The good news is there's a new counter offer from Arran Elderslie on the table for continued fire protection from Paisley, which is set to end by March.

However, the deal, whose details remain under wraps, won't be discussed until Wednesday's (FEB 1) regular Kincardine council meeting.

Councillor Randy Roppel says he has a Notice of Motion on the table that calls for council to accept the latest offer from Paisley.

About 30-affected residents showed up for a public meeting in Underwood and all agreed they wanted the Paisley Fire Department to respond to calls in their area.

It boils down to proximity .

Some said the response time from Paisley based strictly on distance, could be as little as 6-minutes but for Tiverton to respond, it could take up to 25-minutes.

All agreed it was not a reflection of the capability of either department but more a distance issue.

Resident Paul Bennett says without the service from Paisley, "It exposes everyone to unnecessary and unacceptable suffering."

He says council has to look at the bigger picture to deliver what's best for the people of the community.

Mayor Anne Eadie says council has indicated in the past that they want the Paisley Fire Department service but they want it at a fair cost.

Eadie says Kincardine is paying way more for the service than Brockton, even though Brockton has used the service more often.

Kincardine's last offer called for a flat rate of $27,500 and a response rate of $1,350 per hour in a five year deal.

Paisley's latest offer will be revealed at the next council meeting.

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