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Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump Must Offer Olive Branch

Barrie | by Ian MacLennan  

Local political science professor says Donald Trump takes over a divided country.

The chair of political science at Laurentian University in Barrie says Donald Trump takes over the U-S presidency in a country that is divided.

Dr. Michael Johns says that is partly due to the fact the election was so contentious and the results were so unusual, with Donald Trump winning the electoral college and Hillary Clinton winning the overall national vote.

He predicts protests at the inauguration will be larger than usual because many people will want to say they found Trump's behaviour as a candidate, and since he was elected,  as unacceptable.

Johns says often there will be protests at inauguration's,  but they are not enormous because of the grandeur of the transitional of power that takes over that day, adding usually people will give the in-coming president the benefit of the doubt.

For Trump, that isn't the case.

Johns says his approval ratings are already below 50 per cent, so he isn't getting the benefit of the doubt from a large amount of the population.

He hopes Trump will offer an olive branch during his inaugural speech,  an opportunity for him to outline how he see's things moving forward and how he can govern for everybody.

Johns predicts Trump could have real problems being president for a full four years.

Johns says Trump has no track record or experience governing,  then there's the CIA and FBI investigation of his campaign, and because of his vast business interests,  there will be conflicts of interest as soon as Trump becomes president.

He says there are Republicans who don't agree with many things Trump says, in particular his views on Russia, and the Affordable Care Act.

As for Canada,  Johns says we can only go on what we know, and that is,  Trump doesn't like NAFTA,  is fine in arguing for tariffs and taxes on imported goods, and he warns this could have real ramifications for Canada economically.

Trump has said NATO is obsolete, and Johns says that could impact Canada militarily.

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