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Friday, January 13, 2017

Wolves Host Girls Volleyball Tourney

Owen Sound | by Bayshore News Staff  

Junior and Senior Competition Set for Saturday


12th Annual OSDSS Girls Invitational Volleyball Tournament
Saturday January 14th, 2017
at Owen Sound District Secondary School

Pool A- Jr Girls

St. Mary’s HS-Midgets
Owen Sound Wolves-A
Walkerton District
Orillia District
Wellington Heights

Pool B - Jr Girls

Owen Sound Wolves-B
St. Mary’s Jr’s
John Diefenbaker
Grey Highlands
FE Madill

Pool C - Sr Girls

Owen Sound Sr
St. Mary’s
Saugeen District
Chesley District
John Diefenbaker
Wellington Heights

9:00 am
Owen Sound DSS-St. Mary’s HS
Saugeen District-Chesley District
St. Mary’s -Owen Sound Wolves
Owen Sound Wolves-B-St. Mary’s Jr’s

9:40 am
John Diefenbaker - Wellington Heights
St. Mary’s -Wellington Heights  
Walkerton District-Orillia District
Grey Highlands - FE Madill

10:20 am
Owen Sound DSS- Saugeen District
Chesley District- John Diefenbaker
Owen Sound Wolves-Walkerton District
St. Mary’s Jr’s- John Diefenbaker

11:00 am
CSt. Mary’s HS- Wellington Heights
Owen Sound Wolves-B- FE Madill
Orillia District- Wellington Heights
John Diefenbaker -Grey Highlands

11: 40 am
Saugeen District- Wellington Heights
Owen Sound DSS-Chesley District
St. Mary’s -Orillia District
Owen Sound Wolves-B- Grey Highlands

12:20 pm
St. Mary’s HS- John Diefenbaker
St. Mary’s -Walkerton District
Owen Sound Wolves-Wellington Heights  
St. Mary’s Jr’s- FE Madill

1:00 pm
Owen Sound DSS- Wellington Heights
St. Mary’s HS-Saugeen District
Walkerton District-Wellington Heights
John Diefenbaker -FE Madill

1:40 pm
Chesley District- Wellington Heights
Owen Sound Wolves-B- John Diefenbaker
Owen Sound Wolves-Orillia District
St. Mary’s Jr’s- Grey Highlands

2:20 pm
Owen Sound DSS- John Diefenbaker
St. Mary’s HS-Chesley District
1st A- 2nd B (Match X)
1st B – 2nd A (Match Y)

3:00 pm
Saugeen District- John Diefenbaker  
Winner X – Winner Y (Jr Final)

3:40 pm
1st C- 2nd C (Sr Final)

Teams will play 2 game matches in pool play. All games in pool play will be to 25 points (27 point cap).

Each game won in a match by a team will be compiled to determine rankings for playoffs.

After pool play, all ties will be broken by first, head to head play.

If still tied, then points for and against ratio in the head to head match as per OVA rules.

If three teams are tied at the end of pool play, CWOSSA tie breaking protocol will be followed.

Playoff matches will be the best 2 out of 3 games.

The first 2 games will be to 25 points (27 point cap).

The third game will be to 15 points with no cap, win by 2 points.

The school will be open at 8:00 am for warm-up.

A concession booth with pizza, water, and baking will be available.

Prizes will be awarded for first place.

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