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Friday, December 23, 2016

Trudeau Honeymoon Over, Huron-Bruce MP Says

Huron-Bruce | by Peter Jackson  

Conservative MP Ben Lobb says Canadians now seeing what PM is made of.

Poll numbers for the Trudeau government in Ottawa have finally started to fall, after a honeymoon with Canadians that had lasted for well over a year.

Several issues have cast a shadow over the Liberals, who have been in power since October 2015.

The Conservative MP for Huron-Bruce, Ben Lobb is mild in his criticism of the Grits, but says Canadians are starting to see what the Prime Minister and his government are made of.

In a year-end interview with Bayshore Broadcasting News, Lobb says the national media had been predicting for many months during 2016 that the numbers finally would fall.

He says health care, the environment and paid access fundraisers have emerged as issues that have changed Canadians' minds about the Trudeau government.

Lobb points to the proposed national carbon tax plan, which is unpopular in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The recent uproar over health care transfer payments to the provinces and territories saw Quebec's health minister threaten to walk out of recent talks.

Manitoba's health minister says Ottawa's numbers were far too low, and the provinces felt they were being told to "take it or leave it".

While Lobb says a Conservative government would handle things differently, he admits Trudeau has a big job ahead of him in 2017.

Lobb hopes Trudeau will do a better job addressing Canadians' concerns in the New Year.

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