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Thursday, November 10, 2016

MP Ben Lobb Predicted Trump Would Win

Huron-Bruce | by Peter Jackson  

Conservative MP says Trump came at right time for American economy.

The Conservative MP for Huron-Bruce isn't quite saying "I told you so", but Ben Lobb is celebrating Republican Donald Trump's victory in Tuesday's US election.

Lobb tells us he has been a Trump supporter from the beginning, when the billionaire businessman appeared in a now-famous video clip descending on an escalator to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination.

Lobb says from the time Trump declared his candidacy early last year, he struck a nerve among working-class Americans -- many of whom live in previously "safe" Democrat stronghold states.

He compares the economic situation in the so-called "rust belt" states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to the current experience in Ontario.

Voters in all four states favoured Trump, and propelled him past the 270 Electoral College votes he needed to become President.

Lobb says the American working class responded to the Trump slogan "Make America Great Again", and the promise to bring jobs back to the US from countries like China and Mexico.

He says Trump tapped into the frustration of unemployed Americans, many of whom have been out of work long-term and have given up looking for a job.

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