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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Will The Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up

Barrie | by Ian MacLennan  

Local Barrie professor wonders if Trump actually believes everthing he said on the campaign trail.

What stands out most about Donald Trump's election win to Dr. Michael Johns is that no polls indicated this was going to happen.

The chair of political science for Laurentian University at the Barrie campus says that is why the victory is such a shock.

He says either there is a problem identifying with the entire voting electorate and getting their opinion or people are no longer telling the truth when they are being polled.

Johns says while Hillary Clinton won the Latino and black vote,  she did not get the black vote that Barack Obama did, and the coalition Obama built did not hold, except in a few places.

He expects the uncertainty in the markets to last about a week, but says when the markets will be really concerned is when Trump is sworn into office in January, and that's because of some of the promises he has made.

Examples Johns gives include ripping up the North American Free Trade Agreement and starting a trade war with China.

Johns says there are so many unknown's at play because America has never had a president with this type of personality, with this type of campaign and with this lack of political experience to ever access political power to this degree.

He says nobody know's what of all the things Trump has said over the course of the last 18 months he actually believes, adding everyone will find out in January.

Johns says some of things Trump said have been inflammatory, misogynistic and racist, and some of it was defining the United States role in the world.

He says for some communities, like women, Muslims and Latino's,  this Trump win means the sky did fall.

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