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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Uncertainty No Matter Who Wins U-S Election

Orillia | by Ian MacLennan  

Local political science professor says campaign has illustrated how divided the U-S is.

 This is U-S election day and the Chair of political science at the Barrie campus of Laurentian University thinks Americans are breathing a sigh of relief and holding their breath.

Dr. Michael Johns says they are probably happy the 18-month campaign is over, along with all of the ads, nastiness and debates,  but as we wait to see what the results are, he feels people on both sides, whether they are Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton supporters,  are exceedingly anxious about what the results will be.

Johns says there will be uncertainty if Donald Trump wins the presidency, in fact, he says every time Trump started doing better the markets started going down and the finance markets don't like uncertainty.

However,  he says if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency but the Democrats don't win the House Representatives or the Senate,  then there is a lot of uncertainty as to what she can actually accomplish during her time.

If the Republicans are controlling both houses, he says there could gridlock.

If anything,  Johns says the campaign has illustrated how divided the United States is.

He says if support Hillary Clinton, the concept of a Donald Trump presidency is abhorrent, and if you are a Donald Trump supporter and Hillary Clinton wins,  then it was rigged.

Johns says there is a really deep divide in U-S society and he doesn't know how they are going to get out of it, and he says the U-S certainly won't get out of it just as a result of finishing this election.

The candidates need 270 electoral votes to be declared the winner and each state represents a certain number of those votes.

He says Donald Trump could carry out various lawsuits if he loses claiming the results are fraudulent, but he would have to have some proof.

Historically,  Johns says there has never been proof of large scale voter fraud in the last century in the United States.

Donald Trump has said he will not accept the results of the election unless he wins.

Johns says one of the jobs of the candidate who loses, whether they are democrat or republican, is to concede and then try to begin the process of bringing the country together again.

He says because the United States is so divided and this election has been so nasty,  it will become imperative on Donald Trump, if he loses, to tell his supporters that the results are legitimate.

If he doesn't do that,  Johns says he is going to exacerbate all of the division that already exists with U-S society.

As for relations with Canada, there would be uncertainty with a Donald Trump presidency because he has threatened to rip up the NAFTA trade deal,  while Hillary Clinton is a known commodity, adding there would be disagreements, but she has not discussed ending the largest trade agreement.

On the world stage, Johns says which ever president comes in, they are going to be governing from a position of weakness and a weakened U-S president is good for those who want to excerpt influence like China and Russia.

He says they would certainly look forward to a weakened president regardless of who they are.

Johns says the Republicans under Donald Trump have run one of the most divisive campaigns by any political party since the U-S civil war, adding that some of his statements have been inflammatory, some of his statements have been damaging, and if implemented,  to the concepts of world peace and international cooperation.

He feels people are concerned about a Donald Trump presidency because if he actually implements all of the things he is planning on, then this is a complete change of the world system and the role of the U-S within the world.

Johns says election night will be quick if states like Florida,  Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina go with Hillary Clinton, but if Florida and North Carolina end up in the Trump column,  then the next most important state is Nevada, and it's a traditional Republican stronghold.


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