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Monday, November 7, 2016

Civics Move To 18 & 0

Meaford | by Fred Wallace  

Knights Felled In Greater Metro Junior Hockey Play

Cullen Bonnel New Tecumseth Civics 


Greater Metro Junior Hockey

New Tecumseth Civic 11 Knights of Meaford 3

Civics 11 Knights 3

Cullen Bonnel had a 5 point games for the Civics who are 18 & 0 on the year.

Eric Brynestad, Patrik Pearson and Kyle Stevens scored for the Knights.

Thursday, the Knights host the Orangeville Ice Crushers at the Meaford & St Vincent Community Centre.

1st Period
05:44    New Tecumseth    Power Play - Danila Rybin  (Kaleb Rossel, Cullen Bonnel)
17:45    New Tecumseth    Cullen Bonnel  (Danila Rybin, Nikita Polukhin)
19:51    New Tecumseth    Power Play - Cameron Cruickshank  (Carmine Vietri, Brendan Barron)

2nd Period
01:58    New Tecumseth    Cullen Bonnel  (Danila Rybin, Daniel Golba)
12:32    New Tecumseth    Ilya Kolmykov  (Dalton Anderson, Ethan Cornford)
19:11    New Tecumseth    Daniel Golba  (Cullen Bonnel)

3rd Period
00:40    New Tecumseth    Ilya Kolmykov  (Daniel Golba, Cullen Bonnel)
03:00    Meaford    Power Play - Eric Brynestad  (Connor Annett, Ragnar Russ)
04:51    New Tecumseth    Danila Rybin  (Ben Smaha, Daniel Golba)
08:45    New Tecumseth    Nikita Sidenko  (Tyler Ross)
12:16    Meaford    Patrik Pearson  (Ragnar Russ, Alexander Naskov)
16:42    New Tecumseth    Rodion Diakin  (Dalton Anderson)
18:24    Meaford    Kyle Stevens  (Alexander Naskov, Brennan Watson)
19:04    New Tecumseth    Nikita Sidenko  (Rodion Diakin)

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