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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Huron-Bruce MP Talks Scams

Huron-Bruce | by Peter Jackson  

Conservative Ben Lobb issues newsletters, after spate of scams in the region.

For many months, provincial police and municipal police services across Ontario have investigated a rapidly rising number of telephone and Internet scams.

Now, Huron-Bruce Conservative MP Ben Lobb is adding his voice in responding to the concerns of constituents who say they have been the victims or intended victims of scams.

Late last week, Lobb's office issued a special newsletter dealing with the dishonest ways criminals try to part you from your money.

The single-page advisory also contains advice on what to look for, and who to contact if you believe you've been targeted by a scammer.

Lobb tells The Beach News that his offices in Goderich and Port Elgin receive complaints about alleged fraudulent activity on a daily basis.

He's astonished by the number and variety of attempts, ranging from the Canada Revenue Agency scam to the so-called "granny scam".

Lobb says his own grandmother -- who is in her 90s -- has been contacted on the phone by scammers several times.

He advises if you are called or receive an e-mail saying you've won a contest you have never entered, to remember the old saying: "if it seems too good to be true, is probably is".

Lobb counsels you to never give out your Social Insurance Number, driver's licence number, credit card or banking information to anyone you don't know.

Lobb also says the Canada Revenue Agency uses only Canada Post to contact people about their taxes -- they never call or use e-mail.

His newsletter also contains a list of five resources you can contact for help, besides calling his office and police about scams or other types of fraud.

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