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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Council Says No to OPP Costing

Shelburne | by Stefan Brum  

Motion to investigate OPP taking over Shelburne policin voted down.

Shelburne Police are here to stay. 

At Shelburne Town Council on Monday, some members of council, and Mayor Ken Bennington voted against the motion to pursue an OPP costing. 

This motion was brought forward in the past by Councillor Wade Mills. 

The issue came forward because building a brand new police building was not affordable for the next two years.

After gathering facts, a sub-comittee put together a report that it would cost roughly $4 million.

Knowing this information council debated on pursuing an OPP detachment. 

The negatives outweighed positives with exchanging the municipal police system with the OPP. 

It would have taken two years to impliment the OPP costing and it would take two years before Shelburne could afford to upgrade their facillities. 

Council put the motion to a vote. 

And in a 5-2 vote against the motion was determined to not pursue the OPP costing. 



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