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Gas Station Theft Results in Charges

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 12:53 PM by Jill Young
Shelburne Police nab man for a theft at the Esso gas station last month.

(Shelburne) -

A Shelburne man has been charged after a theft at a gas station.

Shelburne Police say last month on February 20th, a man went into the Esso gas station.

He took a vapour E-cigarette and a single hand held cigarette rolling device.

Police say he concealed them in his clothing, then paid for another item and left the store.

The entire incident was captured on in-store video surveillance, and police identified the suspect.

On Sunday March 13th, Police say a man was arrested and charged with theft and possession of property obtained by crime.

He'll appear in court to answer to the charges next month.





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