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Pumpkinfest On The Move

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 11:22 AM by John Divinski
Chair announces plans to move Pumpkinfest activities from SDSS to downtown.

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(Saugeen Shores ) -

Port Elgin's annual Pumpkinfest festival is on the move.

The popular event is hoping to move back into downtown Port Elgin this Fall.

It's time to marry Pumpkinfest and the annual car show that goes with the event.

In essence that was the message to Saugeen Shores Committee of the Whole by pumpkinfest committee chair Brad Scott.

He says Pumpkinfest activities will be focused around the former arena in downtown Port Elgin, and on some nearby lands.

The era of the Pumpkinfest tents at the Saugeen District Secondary School grounds will be a thing of the past.

Scott says for too many years now the Pumpkinfest was separated from the car show downtown, so much so that people thought they were two different events.

He says they know that a lot of people visiting Pumpkinfest didn't necessarily go to the car show and vice-versa because of the distance between the two venues.

Bringing them together is a win-win for both events, along with improved business opportunities for downtown merchants.

Scott admits they're going to lost the tradition admission money they made at the high school grounds but it's hoped their costs will come down, with the move.

He says so far the consensus from business people and residents is that the change is a good idea.

Council and Mayor Mike Smith think so too and have asked staff to come back with a report on the concept.

The move, this Fall, comes on the 30th anniversary of the award-winning festival.





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