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Clean Water Project A Success

Friday, March 11, 2016 12:53 PM by Vanessa Culbert
290 projects granted $400,000 in Huron County in 2015.

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(Huron County) -

The 10th year for the Clean Water Project in Huron County was a success.

Stewardship, Land and Education Manager with the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Kate Monk says last year they approved 290 projects that would improve water quality.

Monk notes they allocated $400,000 in grants as well.

She says the project is individual best practices what landowners would do to protect or improve water quality.

Monk points to the most popular ones as erosion control on fields and tree planting.

She adds they help protect aquifers by de-commissioning wells, or upgrading wells.

Monk notes it is a voluntary program.

She says they had an increase in projects over 2014.

Monk believes they had an increase because of a new category of a cover crop incentive.

She adds in the next few weeks they will be heading out to measure residue on fields from cover crops.

Monk says, if they meet 50 per cent, landowners received their incentive -- $10 per acre.

She notes they have had one review committee meeting so far and projects are up so far this year.

Monk says farmers are becoming more concerned about conserving soil.

She adds there are a few other parts of the province that offer this program including Perth, Wellington, Waterloo and Eastern Ontario.





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