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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Craft Brewer To Be Green-Friendly

Blyth | by Peter Jackson  

Cowbell Brewing says renewable technology to be used in beer-making.

Products of craft breweries are gaining in popularity across our province, and connoisseurs will soon have access to beers brewed in Blyth.

Cowbell Brewing Company is developing a facility at Blyth and London Roads in the south end of the village, that they plan to start operating in the spring of 2017.

Cowbell Co-founder Grant Sparling recalls he developed a love for the industry while attending craft brewing events during his university days in New Hampshire.

Sparling tells The Beach News that the brewery takes advantage of new and renewable technologies in producing beer.

He says that includes solar, geo-thermal and steam recovery, and recovery and recycling of water used in the brewing process.

Sparling mentions that "home grown ingredients" will mean just that.

The Cowbell development includes adjacent farmland that will raise grain and hops to be used in brewing their products, and vegetables that will be directed to its on-site restaurant.

The brewery will also incorporate an event space.

Sparling advises that beer lovers soon will be able to sample Cowbell's first beer, which is being produced under contract in Hamilton.

"The Absent Landlord" -- named for Henry D. Blyth -- will be available in LCBO outlets across our area starting in May.



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