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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bruce Power Names Acting President

Tiverton | by Kevin Bernard  

Kevin Kelly will assume role, while Duncan Hawthorne sets retirement date.

An update on the change in upper management at Bruce Power.

The President and CEO of the company, Duncan Hawthorne has set his retirement date for April 30th.

You may remember last month that Hawthorne announced he was leaving this year, and a search is underway for his replacement.

In the meantime, Bruce Power has tapped Kevin Kelly, Bruce Power's Chief Financial Officer, to assume the additional role of Acting President.

Kelly has been with Bruce Power since the company was formed in 2001 and has been responsible for a wide range of functions within the company.

More recently, Kelly was part of the negotiating team that successfully secured a new commercial framework for the Site announced in December. (2015)

A tribute to Duncan Hawthorne will be held at the Ripley Community Centre on April 20th.

It will be in support of the Women's House of Bruce Grey and the Liv-A-Little Foundation.

He has been President and CEO of Bruce Power for 15 years.

Meanwhile, Duncan Hawthorne is returning home soon to the U.K.

He tells Bayshore Broadcasting news the United Kingdom is in desperate need for new nuclear builds and an announcement is expected later this week on his role in helping that happen.

Fore the last few years, Hawthorne has been working on the Board of Horizon, a division of Hitachi.

During that time, he says they asked if he would be Chairman of the Board once they go through the licensing procedure but he declined to say what position he will be involved in, until the announcement by Horizon.

Hawthorne says this gives him the opportunity to finish his career close to his family, including our two grandchildren.



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