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Georgian Applauds Free Tuition

Monday, February 29, 2016 11:17 AM by Bayshore News Staff
Free Tuition to low income families could pay dividends for Georgian College.

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(Barrie ) -

Georgian College is pleased with the Ontario Liberal's 2016 budget initiatives regarding student financial aid and applied research.

College President and CEO, MaryLynn West-Moynes, tells Bayshore Broadcasting News the promise of free tuition for low-income families will bolster student enrolment at Georgian College's facilities.

She says affordability is a vital consideration for many students.

West-Moynes says the "new initiatives will allow more people from a wide range of backgrounds to attend Georgian and gain an education."

To ensure potential students apply and attend Georgian College, West-Moynes says the school is investing in its seven campuses, including the Owen Sound location.

She says the College is making a "sizable investment" to expand the Marine Emergency Duties Training Centre at the campus along 8th Street East.

According to West-Moynes, the Scenic City campus offers a variety of high-demand programs in a community that is welcoming to post-secondary students.

She says the cost of attending a College or University is always top-of-mind for Ontario students, but the situation is particularly critical in the geographic area served by Georgian College.

West-Moynes says Georgian has the fourth largest number of students making use of OSAP loans among all twenty-four public Ontario colleges.

Under the proposed changes, many Ontario post-secondary students will be able to graduate with little or no debt when the new program begins in 2017/18.





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