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Monday, February 29, 2016

Georgian Applauds Free Tuition

Barrie | by Bayshore News Staff  

Free Tuition to low income families could pay dividends for Georgian College.

Georgian College is pleased with the Ontario Liberal's 2016 budget initiatives regarding student financial aid and applied research.

College President and CEO, MaryLynn West-Moynes, tells Bayshore Broadcasting News the promise of free tuition for low-income families will bolster student enrolment at Georgian College's facilities.

She says affordability is a vital consideration for many students.

West-Moynes says the "new initiatives will allow more people from a wide range of backgrounds to attend Georgian and gain an education."

To ensure potential students apply and attend Georgian College, West-Moynes says the school is investing in its seven campuses, including the Owen Sound location.

She says the College is making a "sizable investment" to expand the Marine Emergency Duties Training Centre at the campus along 8th Street East.

According to West-Moynes, the Scenic City campus offers a variety of high-demand programs in a community that is welcoming to post-secondary students.

She says the cost of attending a College or University is always top-of-mind for Ontario students, but the situation is particularly critical in the geographic area served by Georgian College.

West-Moynes says Georgian has the fourth largest number of students making use of OSAP loans among all twenty-four public Ontario colleges.

Under the proposed changes, many Ontario post-secondary students will be able to graduate with little or no debt when the new program begins in 2017/18.




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