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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Desboro Woman Wins $60 Million

Toronto | by Kevin Bernard  

Joan Patterson of Desboro, John Henry of Mississauga claim $60-million lotto wins.

Joan Patterson (left) of Desboro collects 60 million dollar cheque at OLG. 

Ontario Lottery and Gaming has handed out two cheques today for $60 million each to winners of LottoMax and Lotto 6/49 draws.

The presentation was made at the OLG headquarters in Toronto.

As we told you some time ago, the winner of the February 5th LottoMax draw was someone from Grey Bruce.

Joan and Jim Patterson of Desboro were the lucky winners of $60 million in that draw.

Joan bought the ticket on February 1st at Grants Independent in Hanover.

She checked her ticket after returning from a trip to Arizona and at first thought she had won $6,000.

Instead, there were several more zeros on the end of the prize notification.

Patterson plans to do some work around her ranch in Desboro and wants to buy a Silver Corvette convertible for the summer.

The second big winner is John Henry of Mississauga.

He also won $60-million in the Lotto 649 draw on Christmas Day.

John, a married father and grandfather, is originally from Copper Cliff in the Sudbury area, and calls himself a “good ol' northern Ontario boy who never thought he would actually win.

Both were on hand at the OLG Prize centre today to accept the huge cheques.


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