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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Coyotes Spotted in Owen Sound

Owen Sound | by Bayshore News Staff  

Resident thanks police for quick action, officers offer tips to residents to stay safe.

Photo submitted by Jenelle Willis. 

Social media was a buzz after a coyote sighting in Owen Sound.

Jennelle Willis lives in the area of 6th Avenue and 18th Street East -- and she says a quick thinking police officer kept her Chihuahua, Puppy, safe from the coyote's jaws.

After returning home at 12 PM on Monday, Willis says a cruiser pulled in behind her vehicle and the officer mentioned a sizable coyote had been spotted in the backyard.

Willis was escorted to her door and it was recommended both she and her dog remain inside the house until the animal scampered off.

Until about 2:30 PM, Willis says she remained indoors and snapped photos of the coyote as it eagerly devoured a poor unsuspecting rabbit.

The animal did eventually flee and the Owen Sound Police Service alerted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry about the incident.

Willis says if not for the patrol-woman's prudent warning, Puppy the Chihuahua could've been an appetizer for the coyote.

Callers to the Bayshore Broadcasting Newsroom on Monday said the pesky interloper was again spotted in the neighbourhood at about 6:30 PM.

According to @OwenSoundPolice on Twitter, the coyote did eventually leave the residential area and skedaddled back to its natural environment.

But police report another coyote was spotted on the west side of the City just after midnight. It is believed they are two separate animals.

Police have offered tips for residents in dealing with coyotes, and not giving them a reason to come into to town is the best way to prevent a problem.

"    Do not feed them (coyotes) or any wild animal.
"    Keep your garbage inside until garbage day or use an animal proof container.
"    Do not leave pet food outside.
"    Do not use bird feeders.
"    Supervise your pets whenever possible and always keep them on a leash.  Small animals may be seen as prey while larger dogs can be seen as a threat particularly between January and March while coyotes are mating.
"    Do not approach coyotes, if they lose their fear of humans they will become a bigger nuisance.

If you see a coyote you can call your local police service, if you believe the coyote poses a threat you can call 911.  The MNR can be contacted at 1-800-667-1940.



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