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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dog Owner Kept in Dark

Collingwood | by Bayshore News Staff  

OPP is not revealing any information relating to the killing of a dog by an officer.

The Collingwood woman whose dog was mistakenly killed by police is upset that the investigation into the incident is being kept under wraps.
Karen Sutherland's 21-year-old deaf dog, Merrick, got out of her backyard during a storm on October 19th and ended up wandering around the neighbourhood.
Neighbours a few streets over thought the dog was a coyote that was acting "in a daze" and they eventually called police.
Video of the incident captured by a neighbour shows an officer running over the dog twice with his cruiser before getting out and shooting the dog to death.
Police later admitted was a dog and not a coyote.
Sutherland says she was only interviewed once by Ontario Provincial Police who told her they were conducting an internal investigation.
OPP refuse to discuss details of that investigation, but said the case was initially handled by its internal professional standards bureau before they handed the investigation over to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director.
That office also refused to discuss the case, adding details would only become public if the police officer's actions were deemed "serious."


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