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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Brockton Gives Money to Jubilee Hall

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Victoria Jubilee Hall is receiving $5,000 from Brockton for repairs.

Brockton has set aside $5,000 in the upcoming budget to provide the Walkerton Jubilee Hall with a little financial support.

Victoria Jubilee Hall Spokesperson Mary Ramsay requested a donation.

She says the grant will assist the not-for-profit organization with some capital projects.

Ramsay says the cupola is in need of repairs as well as fresh paint for Homecoming, and one of the Hall's three furnaces needs replacement.

Ramsay notes the Victoria Jubilee Hall plays a vital role in the community.

She points out the hall attracts almost 10,000 people a year to Walkerton through its concerts, performances and shows.

Ramsay adds the 1897 opera hall is second to none and she feels it rivals that of Massey Hall.

Ramsay calls it amazing to think that in 1997, the Victoria Jubilee Hall narrowly escaped the wrecking ball -- and now today, it is buzzing with activity.

Mayor David Inglis says the municipality's grant is an investment in Brockton.

The Hall is considered by many the cultural pillar of Brockton -- serving as a gathering place, a centre of cultural events and the arts and it also boasts a rich cultural heritage.



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