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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dispute Over Fire Fees

South Bruce Peninsula | by John Divinski  

South Bruce Peninsula threatens end to fire service in Georgian Bluffs over money.

Georgian Bluffs Township could be without fire services protection from South Bruce Peninsula by July.

Before the end of the week, South Bruce Peninsula will send a letter, giving the township 180-days notice that if the retainer contract is not renegotiated, the service will end.

South Bruce Peninsula wants fair compensation for the services provided and is asking for the fee to be doubled to $24,000 a year.

Councillor Matt Jackson says as it stands now, the South Bruce Peninsula taxpayers are subsidizing Georgian Bluffs residents for the fire service they receive.

He says the municipality is not paying its fair share.

Georgian Bluffs council is already on record as rejecting the requested increase.

Mayor Janice Jackson says she hopes Georgian Bluffs will have a change of heart and come to the negotiating table.

Deputy Mayor Jay Kirkland agrees saying the town is not asking for anything unreasonable.

Kirkland says they just want the costs of servicing recovered which isn't happening right now.

Fire Chief Dan Robinson says the contract between the two communities hasn't changed since 2010.

In 2015, South Bruce Firefighters answered 21-calls to Georgian Bluffs which includes all range of fire services offered by any department.

Robinson says there were no structure fires in 2015 to deal with but there have been in the past.

South Bruce Peninsula council voted unanimously -- with Councillor Ana Vukovic absent -- to have the termination letter sent to Georgian Bluffs.




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