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Voters Against Withdrawing Jets

Sunday, January 3, 2016 9:22 PM by Fadi Didi
Listeners were strongly against ending the air combat campaign overseas.

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(Canada) -

Listeners are giving a thumbs down to the federal government's plan for battling terrorism.

This Fall, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada would withdraw from air combat campaigns against ISIS.

Bayshore Broadcasting News asked what you think of the plan, and nearly two-thirds of voters oppose it.

63 per cent of voters feel pulling jet fighters from the fight against ISIS was the wrong choice, with some saying our country needs to battle terrorists overseas before they land on our shores.

Others feel it's important to support allied nations in their foreign battles.

Of the 35 per cent who feel withdrawing from air missions was the right path, one respondent feels extremists were invited to Canada when we agreed to take in 25-thousand Syrian refugees.

Another feels it's best to stay out of Mideast civil wars.

Two per cent of voters were undecided.




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