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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dog Death Review Will Be Long

Collingwood | by Mariane McLeod  

Independent Police Review Director receives 86 complaints about dog's death.

It will be about four months before the results are released from an investigation into the actions of a police officer in Collingwood -- who repeatedly ran down and killed an elderly pet dog in October.

The office of the Independent Police Review Director says it received a total of 86 complaints about the events of October 19th, and have opened an investigation.

But, a spokesperson with the office says the report that will be prepared will not be released to the public.

The Collingwood OPP officer responded to a call about a rapid coyote and ran over the animal three times before shooting what turned out to be someone's pet dog.

The person who's complaint is being investigated will receive a copy of the report, and so will the OPP commissioner.

The spokesperson says most investigations take about 120 days to complete.



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