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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Schumaker Leads

Hanover and Paisley | by Bayshore News Staff  

Brokerlink Insurance Grey Bruce Major Curling League Tonight


Brokerlink Insurance Grey-Bruce Major Curling

at Paisley 8 pm

Steve Gregg Merit Insurance vs AJ Schumaker Auswill Farms
Wade Walsh Cooke Distributing vs Jeff Thomson Chesley

at Hanover  8 pm

Scott Ballantyne Phnx-Belterra vs Don Bartley Absalute Auto  
Les Shane BDO Dunwoody vs Tom Slumskie DeDell Seeds
Al Hutchinson Ram Promotional vs Mike Hamer Port Elgin

Craig Milburn Penetangear-BYE  


AJ Schumaker Auswill Farms                   3-0
Jeff Thomson Chesley                                3-1
Les Shane BDO Dunwoody                       2-1
Craig Milburn Penetangear                       2-1
Al Hutchinson Ram Promotional                2-2
Scott Ballantyne GBay Phnix-Belterra   2-2
Wade Walsh Cooke Distributing               1-2
Don Bartley Absalute Automotive           1-2
Mike Hamer Port Elgin                                  1-2
Steve Gregg Merit Insurance                     1-3
Tom Slumskie DeDell Seeds                        1-3

The Trends from Commissioner Don Bartley

Some early season trends are developing in the Brokerlink Insurance Grey Bruce Major Curling League. 

AJ Schumaker of Walkertonn CC is the only undefeated team at 3 - 0, going into week 5. 

Perennial powerhouse Jeff Thomson of Chesley CC, sits at 3 - 1, while Scott Ballantyne, Tara CC, 2- 2, may be poised to crack the top eight.

Conversely, defending Champion Don Bartley sits at 1- 2 while 2014 winner Steve Gregg is 1 - 3;  both struggling to regain top form.

This Wednesday's games at Hanover and Paisley may prove pivotal:  Bartley meets Ballantyne, Gregg battles Schumaker and Wade Walsh 1 - 2 gets his chance to move up the standings against Thomson.


Week 1

AJ Schumacher 10 Al Hutchinson 7
Wade Walsh 5 Mike Hamer 3
Jeff Thomson 5 Steve Gregg 3
Scott Ballantyne 9 Tom Slumskie 6

Week 2

Jeff Thomson 12 Scott Ballantyne 1
Les Shane 7 Steve Gregg 6
Craig Milburn 8 Wade Walsh 2
Mike Hamer 8 Tom Slumskie 7
Don Bartley 7 Al Hutchinson 2

Week 3

Steve Gregg Merit Insurance 8 Don Bartley Absalute Automotive 4  
AJ Schumaker Auswill Farms 6 Scott Ballantyne Phnix-Belterra 3
Al Hutchinson Ram Promotional 9 Tom Slumskie DeDell Seeds 4
Les Shane BDO Dunwoody 8 Mike Hamer Port Elgin 2
Craig Milburn Penetangear 7 Jeff Thomson Chesley 6
Wade Walsh Cooke Distributing-BYE    

Week 4

AJ Schumaker 7 Les Shane 6
Al Hutchinson 6 Craig Milburn 2
Tom Slumskie 8 Steve Gregg 4
Jeff Thomson 9 Don Bartley 2
Scott Ballantyne 8 Wade Walsh 3

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