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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Michael Schmidt Jailed

West Grey | by Kevin Bernard  

Durham area farmer refuses fingerprinting and spends night behind bars.

West Grey farmer Michael Schmidt spent the night in a jail cell, after he refused to be fingerprinted.

Schmidt received a summons to appear at the West Grey police station in Durham on Monday in connection with charges he faces.

The raw milk producer was charged with mischief and theft under $5,000 in connection with the disappearance of two cameras on concession 2 that were owned by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Michael Schmidt arrived at the West Grey Police station with about 100 supporters on Monday night.

He told police the Crown had yet to determine if the charges were indictable offences and therefore he could not be fingerprinted.

With his refusal, Schmidt was locked up in a cell for the night.

West Grey Police Chief Rene Berger tells Bayshore Broadcasting News under the act that Schmidt has been charged -- until a determination is made whether to proceed as an indictable offence, police are to proceed under the indictable offence section and fingerprinting is allowed.

Chief Berger says Schmidt agreed to be fingerprinted around 6 AM on Tuesday and was then released from jail.

However, Schmidt maintains he did not agree to be fingerprinted.

He tells Bayshore Broadcasting News three police officers came into his cell and said he was going to be charged.

Schmidt said okay, and they then said "no, you are going to be fingerprinted now."

Michael Schmidt says he wasn't given an option and it wasn't something he consented to.

He will appear in Walkerton court October 26th on the mischief and theft charges.



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