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Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Business Partner for Biodigester

Georgian Bluffs | by Matt Villeneuve  

Georgian Bluffs Mayor confident they will find a partner to grow revenue.

A potential business partner may help Georgian Bluffs and Chatsworth offset the operating costs associated with their jointly-owned municipal biodigester.

Mayor of Georgian Bluffs, Al Barfoot, tells Bayshore Broadcasting News the Township is in discussions with companies interested in collaborating on the project -- and he says an agreement may be in place prior to January.

As you may remember, the $3.8-million facility has consistently lost money since it began accepting organic materials in November of 2010.

However, Barfoot says numerous firms have recently approached the Township seeking to establish a partnership.

The biodigester, located near Kilsyth, produces methane gas that operates a generator, which then produces up to 2,400 kilowatt hours of electricity per day.

Barfoot says the facility is now receiving "source separated organics" from other communities -- and that's how it generates its revenue.

As more Towns and Cities deliver that organic material, Barfoot says the building's receiving centre must be upgraded and Council isn't keen to debenture the costs.

He says a partnership between Georgian Bluffs, Chatsworth and an interested company would help cover and reduce those expenses.



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