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Monday, March 16, 2015

Police Called to Local MP's Office

Owen Sound | by Kevin Bernard  

Larry Miller says an "irate" man wrapped in foreign flag entered his office Monday.

Bruce Grey Owen Sound MP Larry Miller called the police on Monday after a man in camouflage and wrapped in a foreign flag came into his office, saying he was Muslim.

Miller says the man was upset about what the MP said on the CFOS Open Line show on Monday and the incident scared his staff.

The MP says the man was quite irate and Miller says he won't put up with this from anyone.

The Bruce Grey Owen Sound MP told listeners on the Bayshore Broadcasting talk show Monday that people who come to Canada and don't want to show their face at immigration or citizenship ceremonies should stay where they are.

Here is the direct quote -- "people who come to Canada and don't want to show their face at immigration or citizenship ceremonies should stay the hell where you came from."

The man who went into the office on Monday was described by staff as Caucasian and staff also said he did not seem to have an accent.

Owen Sound Police have released more information about the incident, which happened just after 4 PM on Monday.

Police say the man was 44 years old and from Owen Sound and made reference to being a practicing Muslim and did not like the comments Larry Miller had made on CFOS Open Line.

As a result, the man wanted to speak to Miller about it.

Police say there were no threats and the man left when he was told that the MP was not in the office.

Police were contacted because Miller's staff had concerns based on the man’s attire as he was dressed in camouflage clothing and had a flag on his arm.

Police located the man later Monday night, and said the man admitted that he was angry and emotional as a result of the comments made by Mr. Miller however only wanted to talk and had no other intentions.

The man -- who indicated that he had the Palestinian flag with him at the time of the incident -- apologized for causing such alarm that police would have to be contacted.

There was no criminal offence committed and as a result no charges.



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