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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cries of Voter Fraud in Brockton

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

What started off as a rather dry meeting quickly escalated when "list" was revealed

Residents packed Brockton Council Chambers to talk about the 2014 municipal election and there were allegations of voter fraud.

What started off as a rather dry meeting quickly escalated after allegations were made over voting fraud.

A claim was made by Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak that a Brockton resident had a list containing roughly 80 names of people who illegally voted.

In some cases, the claims were that people voted for adult children who no longer live in area.

This came as news to Clerk Deb Roth who said if this is true -- then Brockton needs to undergo a forensic audit and possibly involve the OPP.

During the meeting, Roth urged the owner of this list to come forward with the names, however the owner of the list Barb Klages says she no longer has it.

Klages says she discarded the list in December after approaching Council over her concerns with the e-voting system.

Klages says the list is gone and she has no intention of remaking it, saying she is not going to be a party to anyone being charged with election fraud.

She says the fact that it happened is a criticism of the voters list.

Still, Roth says the municipality will investigate further to see if they have enough evidence for a forensic audit, which would possibly involve the OPP.

Mayor David Inglis feels the meeting provided Councillors with a lot of information.

He says Brockton Council has four years to decide if it wants to maintain the online voting system or explore other options.

The focus of the evening was to review the election process, identify any areas of weakness and strategize on ways to improve it.

Inglis says Brockton will hold a Town Hall style meeting in the Spring where the subject can be revisited.




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