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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Election Concerns in Brockton

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Residents wants Brockton to scrap E-voting and go back to paper ballots.

The municipal election may be over, but there are still issues in Brockton.

For the second election in a row, Brockton used an E-Voting system that allowed residents to cast their ballots online, over the phone or by paper ballot.

But resident Barb Klages wants Council to trash the E-voting system and go back to the traditional paper ballots.

She claims the system was riddled with problems and irregularities.

Klages told Council that some residents found it took several tries before they were able to cast their votes, while other say the system would not allow voters to just chose a few candidates and instead required them to select the maximum amount.

She says the phone in vote system was not much better, complaining that the automated system did not annunciate the candidate names very clearly.

Klages is also upset that Brockton only offered one polling station with paper ballots.

Klages questions the validity of the election results -- adding that many residents who struggled with the online option never bothered to vote.

Deputy Mayor Dan Gieurszak feels the concerns are valid, and he says it's important to address these issues now.

It is worth noting that Brockton staff are satisfied with the recent election.

Staff report that the bulk of the calls they received from residents were from those having trouble accessing the online system and needed a little direction over the phone to assist them.



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