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Friday, November 7, 2014

MOH Disappointed in Turbine Study

Regional | by Kevin Bernard  

Dr Lynn says more information is needed on Health Canada study.

The Medical Officer of Health for Grey Bruce is disappointed with a Health Canada report on wind turbines. 

Doctor Hazel Lynn says the study leaves a lot of questions unanswered, including how the study was conducted.

Health Canada says it found no evidence linking exposure to wind turbine noise and health effects reported by people living near the towering structures.

However, the study did find a relationship between increasing levels of wind turbine noise and residents' annoyance related to noise, vibration and shadow flicker from the structures.

The year-long study included a detailed questionnaire to adults in more than 1,200 households in southwestern Ontario and P.E.I. living at various distances from almost 400 wind turbines.

It explored the relationship between exposure to noise and health effects reported by people living near wind turbines.

Doctor Lynn wonders if the people questioned in the study were compared to people living a further distance away, and also what Health Canada means by saying there is a link between wind turbine noise and residents annoyance.

She says it doesn't have a definition and we don't have a way of measuring it.

Overall, the MOH says she doesn't know what to make of the study without more information.

The Health Canada report concludes by saying the study alone cannot provide definitive answers and more research may be needed.



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