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Monday, June 30, 2014

Parker Wins Late Model Feature

Sauble Beach | by Bayshore News Staff  

Parker, Schwartzenburg and Eden win features at Sauble Speedway.

Here are the results from racing at Sauble Speedway on June 28th.

Late Model
Heat one 1st 49 Scott McTeer
Heat two 1st 37 Marvin Freiburger
Heat three 1st 8 Jason Parker
Heat four 1st 1 Dan Wright

1st 8 Jason Parker
2nd 49 Scott McTeer
3rd 17 Josh Stade
4th 37 Marvin Freiburger

Four Cylinders
Heat one 1st 71 Gary Jones
Heat two 1st 86 Billy Schwartzenburg

1st 86 Billy Schwartzenburg
2nd 1 John VanDyk
3rd 36 Cory Young
4th 6 Kyle Jackson
5th 17 Kevin Bridge

Thunder Cars
Heat one 1st 61 Chad Eden
Heat two 1st 30 Todd Davenport
Heat three 1st 37 Ron Lawrence
Heat four 1st 03 Steve Ecker

1st 61 Chad Eden
2nd 36 Kenny Grubb
3rd 37 Ron Lawrence
4th 01 Brandon McConnell
5th 11 Matt Johnston




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