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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Food Drive Fails To Reach Target

Owen Sound | by Jon Meyer  

Salvation Army Food Bank is experiencing its largest fundraising shortfall to date.

The Salvation Army needs a helping hand so they can help others.

The Food Bank in Owen Sound is experiencing its largest fundraising shortfall to date.

The goal of the Thanksgiving Food Drive was to collect 28,000 pounds of food, but Community Services Coordinator Alice Wannan says they are about 16,000 pounds shy of that goal. 

As of Tuesday morning, Wannan says the Food Bank tallied only 9239 pounds of food.

The money collected from the kettle drive came in at $6979.13 --  which equates to approximately 2791 pounds of food.

That brings the total up to 12,030 pounds of food.

Wannan's not sure why the they missed the target by so much this year.

She says for the past four years the fundraising goal has been the same, at 28,000 pounds.

And Wannan says they haven't increased that amount -- even though the need for the Food Bank has grown slightly since last year.

She says in August they noticed the Food Bank was being used on a more consistent bases -- resulting in a depleted supply.

You can donate non-perishable food to any grocery store in the area or directly to the Food Bank in Owen Sound, located on 2nd Avenue East.


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