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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Changes for Social Assistance

Bruce County | by Kevin Bernard  

Bruce County is tweaking the way it delivers social assistance

Some changes are coming for social assistance clients in Bruce County.

Director of Social Services and Housing Terry Sanderson says starting September 1st, social assistance clients will be allowed to have assets in the bank of up to $2,500 if single and up to $5,000 for couples.

Up until now, if you had more money in the bank than the monthly payout provided, you didn't get the benefits.

For a single person, that means if you had $606 saved up, you wouldn't get the monthly benefit totaling the same.

Also changing -- a single person on social benefits will now receive $626 a month -- a $20 increase from past payouts.

Sanderson says there are also changes to vehicle ownership and how it affects any benefits one may receive which will be in the client's favour.

He says because of the changes, he doesn't expect a spike in the number of applications for social assistance but he is pleased about the changes in the rules for qualification.

Sanderson admits the new benefits are still marginal but the improvements are a step in the right direction.




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