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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Soil Testing in Owen Sound

Owen Sound | by Kevin Bernard  

City begins core drilling exercise to look at infrastructure, road widening in the future.

Preliminary work is being done on 8th Street East as Owen Sound weighs its options on improving the infrastructure between 5th Avenue and 9th Avenue East.

Manager of Engineering Services, Chris Webb, tells Bayshore Broadcasting News there is drilling being done this week.

Webb says given Owen Sound's variable soils -- it is now routine to do core drilling before going ahead with underground work, so they don't get surprised by what they find beneath a roadway.

The project being considered is estimated to cost at least three million dollars, although that cost could soar dramatically depending on whether city council decides to undertake a major widening of the road.

Webb tells Bayshore Broadcasting News no work will be done this year and the city is likely to apply for grants to help pay for the reconstruction work which means it could start in 2014.

Owen Sound would be replacing underground water and sewer lines, along with new sidewalks and either turning lanes at 7th Avenue and 9th Avenue East, or perhaps four lanes from 7th to 9th Avenue East.

One problem now, is the sewers in that section are combined, meaning rainwater needlessly gets treated at the sewage treatment plant, and the retaining wall is showing it's age.

Webb says if Owen Sound gets approval for upper-tier funding, they will have to hold public meetings on what improvements will be done and when to 8th Street East.

However, without money from the federal or provincial governments, Webb doubts any major improvements will be done to the road in the next few years.



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