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Monday, July 29, 2013

Avoiding Cell Phone Towers

Port Franks | by Fadi Didi  

Wendy Hoy is sleeping in the basement as she battles cell phones towers.

Until the concentration of electromagnetic radiation can be reduced on the main level of her home, Wendy Hoy is sleeping in the basement.

You might remember Hoy from her Autumn walk to Parliament Hill to raise awareness of sensitivities to emissions from cell phone towers.

This Spring, Industry Canada approved the activation of a tower near Hoy's home in Port Franks.

Hoy says her citizens group -- Lakeshore Coalition -- has begun work with the Lambton Shores Accessibility Committee to battle electromagnetic waves that affect a number of citizens in the region.

The Port Franks grandmother tells us a recent presentation by Coalition Secretary Laureen Maurizio to Accessibility Committee members went very well.

She claims that the impairment caused to those with Electrosensitivity (ES) can be classified as an official disability in Canada, which warrants work with her local Accessibility Committee.

After doing electromagnetic readings in her basement, Hoy says levels came in at a low 3.5 microWatts per square meter.

In some areas in her Port Franks neighbourhood, she says levels can reach much higher levels, about 600 microWatts per square meter.

Hoy says a smart meter has created the greatest issue in her residence, located just outside her home office.

She tells us she was able to have the power of the smart meter reduced by making a phone call to her hydro company.

Since walking to Ottawa from Port Franks, Hoy says she has kept in touch with members of Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST), as well as former Microsoft Canada President Frank Clegg who advocates for safer use of technology.

Hoy says she and Clegg keep in regular contact.



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