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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stellar Results For Phoenix

Alliston | by Bayshore News Staff  

Results from the Dare To Dream Gymnastics Meet

Georgian Bay Phoenix Gymnastics attended their first meet as a club over the weekend at the Dare to Dream Competition, in Alliston, On and came home with stellar results.

Age 8, Level 2    : (Ahtletes in this category are scored using the GO grading system and not ranked/placed.)
Bella Sutherland
Vault Silver, Bars Gold, Beam Silver, Floor Gold, AA Gold

Lauren MacDonald
Vault Silver, Bars Gold, Beam Bronze, Floor Silver, AA Silver

Age 9, Level 2

Paige Ballantyne
Vault 2nd, Bars 1st, Beam 2nd, Floor 2nd, All Around 1st

Age 9, Level 3

Bella Casemore
Vault 2nd, Bars 3rd, Beam 2nd, Floor 4th, All Around 2nd

Taryn Strutt
Vault 3rd, Bars 2nd, Beam 5th, Floor 3rd, All Around 4th

Age 9, Level 4

Olivia Daniels
Vault 1st, Bars 5th, Beam 1st, Floor 1st, All Around 1st
 Special Award for Floor – Most Dynamic Routine

Age 10, Level 2

Wanda Downs
Vault 1st, Bars 1st, Beam 1st, Floor 4th, All Around 1st

Maddison Moullierat
Vault 3rd, Bars 4th, Beam 5th, Floor 6th, All Around 6th

Level 2, Age 12

Jessica Kirk
Vault 1st, Bars 3rd, Beam 3rd, Floor 2nd, All Around 1st

Level 3, Age 12

Abby Moore
Vault 6th, Bars 3rd, Beam 2nd, Floor 1st, All Around 2nd

Lauren Davidson
Vault 1st, Bars 6th, Beam 3rd, Floor 2nd, All Around 5th

Level 3, Age 14

Natasha McMillan 1st All Around, Special award for Floor - Most Dynamic Routine.  



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