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Monday, December 31, 2012

Housing Program in Bruce County

Bruce County | by John Divinski  

New funding will allow people to access safe and affordable housing.

The province is about to start a new program called the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative and Bruce County is going to be a part of it.

The program is designed to help those who are homeless, or at-risk of homelessness, and to quickly access safe, affordable
and stable housing.

The Administrator of Housing Services in Bruce County, Susan Earle, says homelessness in the county is a serious issue but doesn't grab the limelight because it's not as visible as it might be in other bigger communities.

Earle says a recent survey shows 16 per cent of their clients are homeless while 43 per cent are at risk of losing their homes.

She says the province will provide 340 thousand dollars every year for the program and the county will kick in another 100 thousand.

Earle says the program will pick up some of the services that were terminated when the Community Start-up program came to end this year.  (2012)

As in the past, clients from Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support and lower income non-social assistance will be eligible for the help.

The money can be used to help with rent and utility payments and with moving expenses to start employment.

Earle says the program begins in January and those who wish to take advantage of it, need to apply either at the Walkerton office or the Kincardine housing office.

The program in Bruce County is called the Housing Stability Fund and more information will be on the county website in early January.



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