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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Open House is held on DGR plans.

Tiverton | by John Divinski  

The Nuclear Waste Management organization meets with media on plans for burying nuclear waste.

It's called Adaptive Phased Management but it boils down to the same thing--the long-term plan for storing used nuclear fuel in Canada.

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) hosted media from the region at the OPG site where the low and intermediate waste Deep Geological Repository (DGR) may be built in the Tiverton area.

However, the media was also taken on a tour of the current site where spent nuclear fuel from Bruce Power is being stored.

The NWMO is currently looking for a site to store the high level waste in another DGR in an area that shows its willingness to host such a facility.

Saugeen Shores has indicated it wants to learn more, like 19 other communities in Canada.

Communications Manager for NWMO Michael Krizanc they're into a learning process everywhere through dialogue and listening to questions and concerns in a respectful manner and want to engage the public in discussions.

Krizanc says besides the obvious technical and scientific data that needs to be gathered, the DGR process is a huge social exercise as well.

He says they want communities to assess their values and then weigh those values against a project such as a DGR in their municipality or region.

He says the process will take close to a decade before any declaration of being a willing host is necessary and that will likely come through a municipal referendum.

Krizanc says despite the vocal opposition to a nuclear waste site for spent fuel in the Saugeen Shores area, he believes the community is a learning community and is a long way off from expressing willingness for the project, if at all.

He says in the next couple of weeks, the NWMO will be reporting back to town council on its initial screening of the area.

A similar report-card-type meeting was held in Huron Kinloss recently and it was learned that area met the scientific requirements for hosting a DGR.

More open houses would follow the initial screening report if the report is favourable in Saugeen Shores.

Krizanc says one community has already been eliminated from further consideration.

Red Rock Township in Northwestern Ontario has been eliminated not having met the geological standards for a DGR. 

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