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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DGR Talk in Huron Kinloss

Huron Kinloss | by John Divinski  

Mayor feels his community would be a good location for Deep Geological Repository.

It's report-card time of sorts for Huron Kinloss when it comes to the area's suitability to host a Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) for spent nuclear fuel.

Huron Kinloss Mayor Mitch Twolan says a special meeting of council is being held Tuesday night and the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has been doing a feasibility study to see if the region can host the facility.

An updated report on that study will be presented to council by the NWMO.

Twolan says he doesn't know what the organization might say but he believes Huron Kinloss does have the geology to host such a DGR.

Twolan says the response to such a plan has been positive and any negatives are certainly not on the scale that Saugeen Shores is going through right now.

He says he and several others have already attended a meeting with Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in Ottawa to learn more about what this type of process entails.

Two Saugeen Shores councillors along eight others will be attending a similar meeting in Ottawa on August 23rd.

Twolan says even if his municipality is not chosen to host the DGR, it will impact the community in one way or another so it's imperative that citizens get as much information on the issue as possible.

Tonight's special Huron Kinloss council meeting gets underway at 7:30 PM at the council chambers on Queen Street in Ripley.

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization made a similar presentation to Brockton Council on Monday night.


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